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Common Sense That's Painfully Uncommon in the Sales Profession


making a sale
is not the
right intention...

Conscious Selling

the Conscious Seller's intention is to only do business if both parties are convinced it's the right thing to do.



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For the first time in sales training history, the fast-paced, visionary ingenuity of the West has been fused with the ancient, yogic wisdom of the East.


Through the lens of this union, our training programs are designed to help sales professionals achieve peak performance through the application of Conscious Selling’s customer-centric, consultative sales methodology, coupled with the development of a personal presence and mindset that builds rapport and trust from the initial point of contact and expands both throughout the customer life cycle. 


We invite you to fill out the form below if you would like to schedule a 45 minute exploratory conversation with a member of our team to determine if Conscious Selling is right for you.


GuruGanesha & Frank Garza






Selling the Conscious Way
Two Day Boot Camp for Sales Professionals

This in-house or internet training program is designed to help sales professionals achieve peak performance through the application of Conscious Selling’s customer-centric, consultative sales methodology, coupled with the development of a personal presence and mindset that builds rapport and trust from the initial point of contact, and expands both throughout the customer life cycle.

Managers Only: Half-Day Overview

In this program, we will present to your management team a high-level overview of all the key concepts, guiding principles, strategies, and tactics of our selling system.

It has been our experience that unless your entire sales management team from front-line to C-Suite has 100% conviction that implementing Conscious Selling is the best way to go, there is no point to roll it out to the field.

Reinforcement Training

Our reinforcement programs are tailored specifically to meet your unique set of requirements. These sessions (via internet or on-site) can be conducted by our trainers, your enablement team (via Licensing), or a combination of both.

We invite you to fill out the form below if you would like to schedule a 45 minute exploratory conversation with a member of our team to determine if Conscious Selling is right for you.


“Over the last decade, GuruGanesha has trained thousands of our sales reps. We truly value his client-centered, integrity-based approach to professional selling, which has resulted in numerous positive comments from clients who are grateful for the conscientious and trust-building way our sales reps interact with them. GuruGanesha is truly a legend!”


Tony Rodoni, EVP Commercial Sales and WW Enablement




 CONSCIOUS SELLING'S Guiding Principles for Professional Selling

We believe that the skillful application of Conscious Selling's customer centric, integrity based sales methodology is the most direct route to sales success and peace of mind.

Our purpose is to enable sale professionals to achieve new levels of success by inspiring them to 'Sell the Conscious Way'.

  1. A Conscious Seller understands the science of selling and acknowledges that the human organism can only be in one mode at a time –Defensive or Growth. A Conscious Seller knows that selling can only occur while the buyer is in Growth mode.

  2. A Conscious Seller’s Intention is to only do business if both parties are convinced it is the right thing to do.

  3. People do business with people they like and trust. The Conscious Seller understands that the best way to build trust is to be trustworthy.

  4. It is only in the presence of authentic Compassion that our buyer will feel comfortable enough to tell you what is really going on.

  5. Having the Conviction that selling the Conscious Way is truly in the best interest of both parties is fundamental to ensuring that you stay firmly in the leadership position throughout the selling cycle.

  6. The Conscious Seller has no need to convince the buyer to buy. The Conscious Seller merely facilitates a role reversal whereby it becomes the buyer’s responsibility to do the convincing.

  7. A Conscious Seller is committed to providing solutions that meet or exceed the client’s success criteria.

  8. A Conscious Seller understands that every step of the way there needs to be a mutual level of Commitment. You cannot force your buyer to be as committed as you are to the next step(s). You can only find out if they have reasons to be, and do not hold on to buyers who are not holding on to you.

  9. The Conscious Seller recognizes the value of time, thus does not give it away. The buyer must earn it.

  10. Selling the Conscious Way is not about arm wrestling your prospect to the mat at the end of a lengthy sales cycle, it’s about co-building a plan that defines the most efficient way to get to a “yes” or “no” in a mutually agreed-upon timeframe.

  11. A Conscious Seller understands that she or he ought not to put a quote or price on the table until they are first 100% convinced it is in the buyer’s best interest to pay for your solution.

  12. A Conscious Seller practices daily meditation, pranayama, and visualization to align mind, body, spirit, and optimize personal presence.


Power of Belief

• Our actions are a manifestation of our Beliefs.

Inside Job

• We believe that all the wisdom of the universe is contained within each heart.

• We believe that if you are a beacon of goodwill, all good things will flow your way.

Whom Do You Trust?

• We believe that people do business with people they like and trust. The best way to build trust is to be trustworthy.

Intention Transforms

• Attention energizes, Intention transforms*, Visualization crystallizes​

(*credit to Deepak Chopra)

• We believe the right intention for a sales call is to only do business if both parties are convinced it's the right thing to do.

Honesty Works Best

• The 9 most important words in professional sales are "I don't know yet if we're right for you."


Be Real

• Personal presence is the #1 determining factor in sales success. Make sure your personal presence works for you, not against you.

Lead for the Benefit
of Both Parties

• Have the conviction that it is truly in the best interest of both parties for you to be the primary source of leadership throughout the selling cycle.

Better Together

• Every step along the way requires a mutual agreement and mutual levels of commitment. You cannot force someone to be as committed as you are to the next step(s). However, you can find out if they have reasons to be.

Time Counts

• Your time is unbelievably valuable! Thus, you cannot give it away. Your prospect must earn it.

Breathe for Success

• Make it a habit to breathe long, slow and deep throughout the workday to energize yourself, reduce stress, minimize mental noise and achieve peak performance.




GuruGanesha Khalsa, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of Conscious Selling Inc. is considered by many to be the most sought-after sales trainer in the global tech universe. ‘Ganesh’ blends savvy New York street smarts, Eastern metaphysical insight, and mastery of Conscious Selling’s consultative, trust-building sales methodology in an electrifying training style His unique brand of “Sales Edu-tainment” is generously spiced with hilarious, uplifting stories garnered during a colorful 45-year sales, sales management, and sales training career.

Tens of thousands of successful high-tech sales professionals worldwide consider their days spent in training with Ganesh as seminal. His extensive client list is a who’s who of the top tech companies in the world including Salesforce, LinkedIn, Slack, Dropbox, Elastic, BMC, Dell, Oracle, Cisco and Signal Sciences.

After attending Clark University in Worcester MA as a psychology major from 1968-1972, Ganesh landed his first sales job in 1974 as a manufacturer’s rep for Birkenstock sandals and later on, Shakti Shoes. His success with both lines was legendary and he soon became known as the “Shoe Guru”. In 1981, he entered the high-tech arena as a field sales rep for a Massachusetts based company called MicroStrategies. After embracing the Sandler Selling System in 1982, Ganesh soon became MicroStrategies’ top producing sales rep. In 1989, Ganesh purchased a Sandler sales training franchise and proceeded to be one of their top producers worldwide for 28 years. In 2017, he and his business partner Frank Garza, rolled out their own global sales training company, Conscious Selling Inc., establishing itself as the premier provider of sales training to the worldwide tech community.


Frank Garza,CEO and Co-Founder of Conscious Selling Inc, is a visionary executive with over 35 years of experience coaching, mentoring, and training professionals in increasing performance.

With his extensive knowledge in interpersonal neurobiology, coupled with his cutting-edge research on transformational change, Frank is one of the most sought-after experts for sales training, content development, sales reinforcement, sales management, negotiation, and leadership training. At the core of his work is an understanding of the broader context in which human transformation and development occurs. With his intricate mind/body approach, Frank reveals that at the foundation of learning, cognition, and all decision making, is a vast field of knowledge that is widely ignored and underutilized in sales, management, and leadership training.


A renowned thinker, coach, speaker, and trainer, Frank regularly works with the top global technology companies which include LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Netscape, Trifacta, Crossmatch, Dell, Dropbox, BrightEdge, Liftopia, Telecom Italia, Southern Pacific Telecom aka Qwest Communications, and SFDC. He has developed an approach that combines intangible skills training, visual motor rehearsal, yoga, econometrics, and Conscious Selling’s unique sales methodology which easily scales within organizations domestically and globally.

Frank held his first sales job as a young boy selling Long Fence, door to door. Out of college he was hired by an accounting and financial planning firm to increase their client base.  Within 6 months Frank grew the client base by 600% and became the youngest Partner of the firm at age 24.  Frank has owned and sold numerous tech companies specializing in transformational technologies that broke through the status quo.

Frank’s crowning achievement in sales was the negotiation of a citywide installation of fiber optics, and the 99-year sports complex lease that included a new ten thousand seat basketball arena, soccer stadium, and track and field facility valued at over $750 million.

In addition to his keen business acumen, Frank was an intercollegiate Academic All-American, the Ronald White Award and Oz Thompson Award recipient for the student athlete who most inspires sportsmanship, scholarship, and leadership, University of Idaho Outstanding Senior, Big Sky Conference All-League player, Captain, and Most Valuable Player of University of Idaho’s Men’s Basketball team.  Frank was also an honorable mention Junior College All American, and 1st team all conference.


Academically, he earned his degree in Economics with honors, minors in psychology, human development and computer science, President of the Mortar Board, awarded the Wall Street Journal’s Student Achievement Award, University of Idaho’s Outstanding Senior, and represented University of Idaho nationally as a finalist for the coveted Rhodes Scholar Award.


Frank is a noted trumpet player, sits on the board of several non-profit corporations, and is a Co-Founder of the Big Island Sports Academy, a 501(c)(3), devoted to helping disadvantaged youth with opportunities to advance as scholar athletes.

Frank Garza



David Earhart

Technology C-Suite Executive

David has a passion for the profession of sales and has been described as a “selling” CEO. He began his career in hardware, selling copiers and jokes that “there were 33 competitors that could put black ink on white paper”.

He was consistently in the top 1% of the sales force nationally, demonstrating he learned how to differentiate, earn trust and deliver for his company and customers. He was promoted to managing a team of his peers and then promoted to the youngest branch manager in the business.

He decided to transition into software in the early days of BMC Software as a sales representative. In his first full year he received the “new business leader” award. BMC is where David met Guru Ganesha. They became friends and Ganesha describes David as a “lifelong learner of the profession of sales”, embracing the system that Ganesha was teaching and taking it with him to large software companies and startups where he used the system to lead and coach.

He has consistently been promoted throughout his career at startups and billion dollars + technology companies (venture, private equity and public) spanning the copier industry to the highly complex world of cyber security. He has held positions of SVP of Field Operations, General Manager, CEO and President, where the organizations he led experienced consistent double- and triple-digit growth. David highly values all functions of a company. He believes that when the sales role is done well, it is one of the most honorable positions in business, not only for their company, but also for the customers they serve.

David has been described as one that “demystifies the complex”. Whether an individual contributor or as the CEO, he instills focus and simplicity. He strongly believes that salesforce efficiency/productivity is one the key metrics to a long-term healthy, organization. An essential element is a sales system that is trust based, mutually beneficial, adopted at the C-Level and permeates throughout the organization. When applied and consistently reinforced, qualification of the pipeline greatly improves, velocity of the sales cycle increases, bigger deals, reoccurring revenue and growth are realized.

He is part of the executive team at Conscious Selling, he is/has served on numerous public and private boards in the technology space, advises private equity, and has been an executive coach. He also works with The Bridge Academy where he assists individuals that are on the autism spectrum find full time employment in IT.

David has a BA in finance from Texas Tech University, where he was captain of the tennis team, recognized for athlete academic excellence and awarded the Arch Lamb Spirit award voted on by his teammates. David continues to be committed to his own perpetual personal, professional and spiritual growth. He lives in midtown Atlanta with his wife of 30 + years. He and Elizabeth have two daughters. David and Elizabeth enjoy fly fishing, biking, golfing and cooking at their place in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Executive Team
David Earhart
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Vince Polentes

Technology Sales Executive

Vince Polentes is a serial entrepreneur and technology sales executive with an extensive background in sales, services,and P&L management in the B2B and B2C marketplaces. As VP North American Sales (with GuruGanesha’s training), Vince grew Roadshow International from startup into a $24 million software business that was sold to Descartes Systems (DSGX) NASDAQ. Vince has run sales and marketing for many young emerging software companies. He has also co-founded a remote commerce company where he raised Venture Capital and acted as CEO.


Vince excels at delivering the Reward then Dive Deeper (RDD) Facilitation Methodology taught as part of Conscious Selling to aid his clients in getting more heart-to-heart conversations and, ultimately, the truth from their prospects. These skills directly result in measurable outcomes that include:

  • Shorter selling cycles

  • Clearly defined and mutually agreed upon next steps

  • More senior decision makers involved in the proof step

  • Increased deal sizes


His empathy and broad experience base forces him to put himself in the position of the seller for his clients. This makes reinforcement role-play exercises relevant to the achievement of specific metrics, as well as a lot of fun!


“Ganesh’s teachings had a lasting impact at LinkedIn and are used today by many on our sales teams.  Ganesh’s customer centric approach helped our reps become trusted advisers more quickly, and that resulted in positive experiences for our clients.  His teachings not only improve the ability of professionals to sell, they help create more compassion in the world and make the function of sales better.  I’m honored to endorse Ganesh.  He is a true legend in the world of sales enablement.“ 


Brian Frank, Vice President, Global Sales Operations


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